SEO Houston Web. Engaged.

SEO Houston Web. Engaged.

wranglers, treat your website like you would treat your credit score…

What? I should use to help my credit score?

No. Crazy reader. Let’s think about this topic with an open mind on web presence.

Folks are very precise about their credit scores and credit worthiness these days. These same average Joe’s happen to own Houston area businesses as well.

But wait! Why are they not as concerned about their search engine “credit” for their small business website?

Why are they overlooking and not hiring the right SEO Houston company to help them manage their return on investment on the web?

The answer is quite simple, yet could actually be a combination of a few factors all pilled into one.

Here are my top three reasons that small business owners do not manage their SEO score like they mange their credit score:

  1. Too many SEO companies in Houston are not transparent enough to build value within the SEO Houston web marketplace. Without transparency and values, our SEO markets gradually decline.
  2. Credit scores are easier to manage and justify. SEO tips and tricks will be an ongoing cycle of change after change as long as search engines like Google rule the roost.
  3. Algorithm changes for search engines are much less regulated than credit scores. To think, we wonder why the internet industry is over saturated with media guru’s literally swimming in waves of cash like Mark Zuckerberg .


  • If all companies or small business owners had less government involvement, maybe our small businesses could sore like search engine marketing companies?
  • If credit worthiness was taken less seriously and SEO Houston web marketing more seriously, wouldn’t the small business owner just make loads of cash to not have to worry about their credit score?
  • If you are looking to choose a web marketing provider in Houston, choose one that is willing to show you results on a regular basis.

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