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Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization Houston Texas small business owners?

How would SEO help my small business? 

SEO can be confusing or complex in terms of Google, Yahoo or Bing search rules and requirements for ranking your company website. However, let’s keep it simple. SEO is basically the way search engines rank your small business website against other relevant websites in the general geographic areas that you and your competitors offer services.

Check out this article from Search Engine Land, these guys rock at local SEO knowledge!

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What are the benefits of SEO for my company?

Thanks for asking! SEO benefits your company by competing your website versus other area businesses to gain a higher page placement on search engines. Thus, giving your company a higher opportunity at visibility to the searching consumer.



Search Engine Optimization Houston Texas

Joe just moved to Houston Texas and needs to find a pediatric dentist for his daughter. Joe pulls out his iphone and searches “pediatric dentist Houston Texas”. What are the odds that Joe will select a choice from the first page of his search?

How does your URL rank in terms of page placement?

Try separate searches on all three major search engines.

Our team's primary goal is a success for your companies' search engine optimization Houston TX business owners. If we can bring you a return investment to your internet marketing approach, then you might just stick around with us a while. We believe in small business, competition and the ability to succeed in tough markets.

Our very own core principals of business were developed in tough times just like yours. We have competition in our market, just like you do in your market. We spend monthly budgets on SEO, PPC and Social Media just like you.

Lastly, we are ordinary folks just like you. Rethink Local does not and will not ever over inflate pricing, as most all corporate media companies do. We do not charge termination or setup fees either. We charge the fees associated to paying for your internet media and try to pay our bills after paying yours.

Every client is a valued client with us at Rethink Local, we thank you for considering us to help with your internet marketing in Houston or surrounding areas.

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