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May 10, 2017
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June 9, 2017
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    Clover Global Solutions LP

    May 10, 2017


    Rethink Local is pleased to submit this proposal to Clover Global Solutions LP for the redesign of website. We welcome the opportunity to work with Clover Global Solutions LP on this exciting project. It is our understanding that Clover Global Solutions LP seeks to update the design and structure of it’s existing website to improve the organization and presentation of the content provided so that visitors can quickly navigate to desired pages and to eliminate the current confusion.

    Our team is confident that we are highly qualified to assist and guide Clover Global Solutions LP throughout a comprehensive website overhaul. Our local, owner-operated digital marketing team combines strategic thinking and emerging technologies to provide innovative solutions that consistently break new ground.

    We strive to develop long-term relationships with each and every client. We deliver high-quality work through our focus on bidirectional communication, responsive customer service, client education, accurate project management, product quality and an ethical approach to doing business. We have a well documented track record of performing work within a given budget and on our proposed deadlines. We respectfully submit the following proposal, which includes information about our capabilities, methodology, example projects and other pertinent information for consideration.

    Clover Global Solutions LP Website Redesign Project Details

    1. Homepage: A robust opening page that truly represents the company brand and direction of Clover Global Solutions LP. Designed with WordPress framework and a similar look and feel to the functionality of these referenced websites: &
    2. Inner Pages: Thorough and detailed industry-specific knowledge on all aspects surrounding Clover Global Solutions LP’s vision. A clear focus on what sets Clover Global Solutions LP apart from competitors such as: Air Swift, Aerotek, Frontline
    3. Branding & Marketing: To establish a seamless branding appeal for Clover Global Solutions LP across the web on all platforms such as: Company Website, Facebook, Google Places, Bing Places, Apple Maps, Yahoo & All Search Engine Optimization Keyword Searches.
    4. New website will be built and incorporated with SEO and future lead generation in mind. No corners will be cut such as: excluding ALT attributes to images, leaving out proper title tags and meta descriptions
    5. Yoast local SEO plugin will be installed and configured properly to ensure search relevance maintains it’s prominence.
    6. Google Analytics will be configured on all pages.
    7. Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools will both be configured properly.
    8. Website will integrate with HireDesk API to pull current job listings and also have the ability for applicants to apply within the website.
    9. Website will have portals for both employers & job seekers. Employers will contact to post positions. Job seekers will search and apply.
    10. Blog posts will roll to blog page and an except on the homepage.
    11. Custom forms will be built to necessary specifications for each page as needed.
    12. Website will be 100% responsive on all devices and viewing screens.
    13. 2-3 hour onsite tutorial on how to update the website is included post project production. (This will save money for future expenditures with updating the website)
    14. All minor website changes and updates are included within the first year after redesign is launched.
    15. Daily backups and website security are monitored and included.
    16. The new redesign will be setup with an SSL Certificate and secure protocol.
    17. Hosting options are available if needed. If current hosting provider supports the functionality of the redesign, we can use existing hosting instead.
    18. All social media will be linked and rolled into the website in the form of a widget area on the homepage, sidebar or footer.

    Project Costs

    We keep a simple pricing model at Rethink Local. We charge a standard design or redesign fee with no hourly fees. Our project fees are factored around the proposed Scope of Work and client budget to ensure we maintain a fair market pricing structure.

    In good faith, we ask that our new partners pay half down for us to begin the project and the other half after they are 100% satisfied with the final design.

    • Total Website Redesign Fee – $7900

Subtotal $7,900.00
Total $7,900.00


Thank you; we really appreciate your business.


No contract. Half down to retain our design services. Final payment upon project completion, after customer is 100% satisfied with the result. Customer retains full ownership of website and website files at all times. Initial payment can be made by check, PayPal or credit card.

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Status Update
May 10, 2017 @ 2:14 pm

Status changed: Draft to Pending.

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