Pay Per Click Management Houston


Many business owners are rather hesitant when they initially approach pay per click advertising or PPC. Below we will demonstrate PPC and how it rolls into your dynamic digital marketing strategy.

Pay per click ads can be distributed through hundreds if not thousands of different reputable media channels. As the ad impressions reach the targeted consumers on desktop and mobile devices; the consumer may scroll past, hover over, or click on the ad directly.

The most commonly known sources for PPC ads are at the top, right sides and bottom portions of all three major search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing).

Why is PPC important for my business’ marketing portfolio?

PPC is a dominate source in reference to page placement and consumers that are in the buying cycle of their search. A brief summarized description of PPC can be referred to as:

A daily bidding process to ensure your company appears in PPC portions of search engines vs. other area businesses that offer closely related products.

PPC page placement is never guaranteed and can only gain strength by increasing the quality score of the advertisers ads and the bidding amount the advertiser is willing to compete with.

Google is very fair and rewards advertisers who are local and relevant.

What is buying cycle?

Realistically, there are two major types of internet searching consumers:
1. Research phase consumers- not in a hurry, want the best deal at the best price, reading multiple reviews

Example: Newly married couple looking to purchase new furniture next month
2. Buying Cycle Phase Consumers- have a physical, emotional or psychological need for the product or service, possibly willing to spend more if they can get it faster

Example: Devastated mother looking to get her son out of jail.

What does this have to do with pay per click advertising on search engines?

Houston Marketing Solutions strategically bundles PPC into our internet marketing products so that your local business can stay competitive in every aspect of a traditional Google search for the products or services you offer; in the areas that you offer them.

Three Primary Search Categories:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Mapping Optimization (Maps)
Pay Per Click (PPC)

Common PPC concerns:

” I don’t click those ads ”

” Everyone scrolls past those ads ”

We understand you may feel this way. However, Google and all other search engines have a proven track record for bringing reach, relevance and return on investment to their advertisers.

Houston Marketing Solutions offers local business owners discounted PPC management fees.
ReThink Local.

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