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 Who is Josh Ramby?

Our founder, Josh Ramby, is a dedicated father, husband and entrepreneur, just like you! Josh has a dedicated combination of over eleven years of experience in communications technology, social media management, networking, applications development, search engine optimization, lead generation, strategic , account management, start ups, small business development and maximizing return on investment in every avenue of internet marketing in Houston Texas.Rethink Local Houston CEO

Before establishing his own successful venture, Josh’s most notable digital media management positions were held at two Fortune 500 companies, AT&T and Hearst Media Services. While working in the corporate infrastructure for many years, Josh learned that the customer was more valuable than anything else in the business. Rethink Local was structured around a solid foundation that is far from the corporate realm. Who is Josh Ramby as an individual? Dedicated father, husband, Christian and saltwater fisherman.

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Cool Facts About Josh Ramby

[themedy_columns structure=”25|25|25|25″][themedy_col position=”a”]Josh has a book published and available at Amazon and Barns & Noble. Titled: The Face Book – Getting Social With Yourself[/themedy_col][themedy_col position=”b”]With Josh’s social savvy digital media skills in 2011, Josh helped network 9 year old Leah Grace all the way to NBC’s hit premier show – The Winner Is (and she won). [/themedy_col][themedy_col position=”c”]Josh has a passion for helping people and that is why he started Rethink Local. To ensure that even the small business could stand a chance in the over saturated digital marketing arena. [/themedy_col][themedy_col position=”d”]Josh is a scorpio, likes long walks on the beach and only has 7 toes… Gotcha on that one! 🙂 Well most of it anyhow! [/themedy_col][/themedy_columns]