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Onsite SEO Checklist

To get a general idea of your website’s performance, you can check its most essential onsite SEO elements.

Initially, here’s a brief overview of what our team can start helping you with immediately:

Accessibility and index ability. Our local team will make sure your website’s content is accessible for search engines; if it isn’t, you won’t get any rankings. We check your robots.txt file, XML sitemap and HTTP status codes. This process will ensure search engine crawlers are indexing all of your website’s pages.

No duplicate content. If the content that you publish is not unique, this will have negative consequences for your search engine rankings. E-commerce websites are the ones most often facing the problematic of duplicate content issues. This duplicate content issue derives from the fact that each product is technically it’s own page & URL structure.Onsite SEO

Inbound links. Make sure you don’t have any broken links and that all deleted or moved pages have proper redirects (301 for permanent and 302 for temporary redirects).

Site speed. Your page load speed can seriously affect your website positions, especially when it comes to mobile users’ experience. Does your website meet Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) guidelines?

Optimized titles and meta tags. Rethink Local will ensure your page/post titles and descriptions are unique for each page and do not exceed the recommended length (30-65 characters for titles and 100-150 characters for descriptions). This will help your website describe itself to the search engines.

Optimized images. All images on your website should have informative filenames and relevant alt texts. Images without a name cannot technically be seen by search engine crawlers. Also, we check that your images have the correct dimensions, so they don’t look stretched on your website.

Mobile-friendly criteria. Since Google has launched its mobile crawler on April 21, you need to optimize your website for mobile users in order to rank well in mobile search. Not to worry here, we take care of your mobile user experience too!

How can we help your company’s search rankings?

Our team at Rethink Local would love the opportunity to earn your business! We take a serious approach with every single small business customer. We will have your onsite SEO errors cleaned up in no time!

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