LinkedIn Banned in Russia

LinkedIn Banned in Russia

LinkedIn Banned in Russia Until Further Notice

LinkedIn Banned in Russia

Roskomnadzor Bans LinkedIn

Earlier this morning, November 17th, 2016, the news that LinkedIn, the business geared social media site, has been banned in Russia. The decision came after a Russian court ruled that LinkedIn was violating their data laws. LinkedIn banned in Russia leaves over 6 million Russian citizens unable to access their account, and their online CV.

In 2014, Russia passed a series of laws stating that any data acquired from Russian citizens to be stored on Russian soil. Some companies are following the law, like Apple and Google. Others, like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, however, have yet to make any moves to comply with the Russian law. They have been warned, repeatedly however, about being banned themselves. It’s yet to be seen if the action against LinkedIn will cause the websites to reconsider. All of the country’s internet providers are obliged to enact the ban, Roskomnadzor, the Russian version of the FCC, said on its website.

Russian media reported that a spokesman for Roskomnadzor had earlier said that LinkedIn was punished for alleged leaks of user data.A Russian citizen was arrested earlier this month in connection with the LinkedIn breach. The 29 year old was arrested for suspicion of hacking LinkedIn, Dropbox and a third web service. He is accused of stealing 117 million LinkedIn passwords and login credentials.

“LinkedIn Banned in Russia” isn’t that big of a shock, though really. While it is the first social media site that Roskomnadzor has banned, it’s far from the first site banned in the country. Back in September, pornography sites Pornhub and Youporn were blocked in Russia. Even Wikipedia has found itself banned. For a few days last year, Russian citizens were banned from viewing the online encyclopedia because of an article on cannabis smoking.

At this time though, LinkedIn and Roskomnadzor are refusing to speak to one another.