The Iconic iPhone’s 10th Birthday

The Iconic iPhone’s 10th Birthday

Apple Introduces the iPhone in 2007

Ten years ago today, Apple changed how our cell phone work. Before the unveiling of the iPhone, cell phones were becoming thinner and smaller, but they all had one thing in common: they all used a keyboard. After all, how else would you type something out? Apple had the answer to that and introduce the first iPhone, and changed how the cell phone game was played for the last ten years. That’s right, today makes the iPhone 10 year anniversary!

When it comes to the Apple iPhone, it not only shaped how we make and use our cell phones, but how we handle technology too. Before the iPhone, our phones were usually limited to makeing calls, sending texts, and the rare internet usage that was expensive and slow to use. Our phones and media players were still seperate, and no one even thought about using their phones to watch tv or movies. iPhone 10 year anniversary

When the iPhone was first introduced in 2017, it was nothing like we know it to be today. It was expensive then at $499 (though we now know just how expensive these phones can be), only offered 4GB of memory ( a far cry from today’s standard 32 GB memory for iPhones), was only avaible through AT&T’s network, and had no app store of which to speak off. By today’s standards, the original iPhone would be dubbed useless, and would probably cost you a fraction of what the newer models costs.

What’s in store for the iPhone X?

In 10 years, Apple’s iPhone series has changed the way the telecommunication industry, the television and movie industry, and even the computer industry works and grows. How many other products can say the same?

Apple is ready for the iPhone 10 year anniversary though, and plans on releasing the iPhone X today in celebration. It’s anticipated to add new facial-reconition software, to replace the glitchy Touch ID function that only works half of the time. The screen of the phone is also expected to extend to the edges, as well as removing the iconic ‘Home Button’ that has been on every model of iPhone since the begining.

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