Internaut Day: 25th Anniversary of The Modern Internet

Internaut Day: 25th Anniversary of The Modern Internet

Happy Internaut Day!

On August 23rd, 1991, something amazing happened. Sir Tim Berners-Lee granted public access to the world wide web. Berners-Lee, a British scientist working with CERN, is responsible not only for the public access, but for the invention of HTML as well. To celebrate Internaut Day, we dug up some facts about the day, and the Internet in general!

  1. The word internaut is a portmanteau, or a blend, of the words Internet and Astronaut. When the phrase was first coined, it referred to early users of the recently public internet. Now, though, it usually refers to someone who is internet savvy.
  2. Were you aware that the internet and the World Wide Web are two different things? The internet is simply a network of connected computers. The Word Wide Web, however, is the webpages found on the internet.

    Internaut Day NeXT Computer

    NeXT Computer

  3.  Berners-Lee first proposed a hyper text system (which would later become the HTML we all know) on March 12th, 1989. He had hoped to create a way for CERN, which was based in Switzerland, to share particle physics  experiment data across long distances.
  4. When he first started this project, Tim was working on NeXT computer. For those who don’t know what an NeXT is, it was one of the early projects that Steve Jobs brought to Apple.
  5. Berners-Lee created  the first web browser in October, 1991.
  6. The brower was named WorldWideWeb, but in order to avoid confusion between the browser and the actual World Wide Web, it was renamed Nexus.
  7. Though the internet was made available to the public in ’91, it wasn’t free to use until ’93. In April of ’93, CERN
    Internuat Day First Image Uploaded to the Internet

    First Image Uploaded to the Internet

    relinquished the rights to the network.

  8.  Did you know that the first picture uploaded to the internet, in ’92, was a picture of an all female, physics based, rock group called Les Horribles Cernettes?

Love it or hate it, the internet as we know it has made our lives easier, and more complicated all at once. Without Sir Tim Berners-Lee, you wouldn’t even be reading this article about Internaut Day. Here’s to the next 25+ years, fellow Internauts.