Houston SEO Company Makes A Statement On The Web

Houston SEO Company Makes A Statement On The Web

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Last week the SEJ Marketing ThinkTank was joined by Brent Csutoras, the Chief Social Media Strategist of SEJ and founder of Kairay Media. His presentation, titled “Big Brands and Reddit – Are You Missing Out?”, discussed how brands are marketing successfully on one of the most fickle social media platforms out there.


Dan will discuss “selling with first-touch social psychographic data: disciplined, high intent, active targeting, including owned-audience cookie pools for performance marketers to exploit.”


When it comes to digital marketing in this day and age, content means everything. Let’s walk through some of the most recent game changers in this industry.


When your Facebook engagement starts to slow down, chances are you blame Facebook’s algorithm. Check out this infographic to increase your organic reach.


Content marketing can be time consuming for an already busy entrepreneur. Luckily, there are software solutions that help automate this part of business.

June was a busy month in the social media world! Facebook rolled out numerous updates, and Tumblr and Reddit also made news. Here are the social media updates from June 2015.

Join the SEJ Think Tank on July 15th for a presentation by Stoney deGeyter, CEO of Pole Marketing, about how to build the optimal mobile site. According to Stoney, it all starts with building a site users will love.


Is your Houston SEO Company reporting rankings to you? Do you have access to see your digital    footprint?

Backlink data has been all the rage since the beginning of Google. Good thing there’s now a scientific way to predict the minimum set of data you’ll need.


Want to recover your site’s drop in rankings or traffic? Here are some tips you should know when checking whether your site’s SEO is doing well or not.


Just in case, you have to move domains in the future, make sure that you conduct all the necessary audits and required steps to keep your traffic intact.


Customization is the heart of any successful SEO Strategy. In our latest post from Brian Harnish, find out if you should customize your niche SEO Strategy.


It is possible to build daily habits that guarantee to give your higher ranking and greater marketing success. Here are the habits you should cultivate.