Google’s Birthday: When is it really?

Google’s Birthday: When is it really?

Happy 18th Birthday Google! Or is it?

Google is celebrating its 18th birthday today. When you go to the Google home page, you’re greeted by a little doodle in celebration. The G blows up a balloon, that spells out the rest of ‘Google’, before floating off into the sky. It pops, and the G falls back into place and starts all over. The thing is, September 27th isn’t really a meaningful day for Google's Birthday Google LogoGoogle’s birthday.

There have been at least six other days celebrated as Google’s birthday, and none of them are really more meaningful than the others. Google may not even be 18, depending on the day we go by.

One of the potential birthdays for Google is the day the domain was registered. That date was September 15th, 1997, and would mean that Google is 19 years old, rather than 18.

Google wasn’t incorporated, though, until nearly a year later on September 4th, 1998. We could count that as Google’s birthday, though they received their first $100,000 investment in August of the same year. In all honesty, September 4th has the best chance of being Google’s real birthday.

There have been four days in September that that have been celebrated as Google’s birthday in the past. September 7th, 8th, 26th, and 27. In all the confusion Google admitted it wasn’t 100% sure just when its birthday really was, back in 2013.

It looks like Google is going with today, September 27th, as its birthday. It was first celebrated back in 2002, though between now and then other dates have been celebrated as Google’s birthday.

What would we do without the powerhouse we know and love? It’s not like we would lose 40% of web traffic in five minutes if it went down! Oh, we would? Either way, happy birthday Google!