Google Chrome Removes Gmail from XP & Vista

Google Chrome Removes Gmail from XP & Vista

In the United States, the┬áinternet is life. As each year passes, we do more and more work online, or at least on a computer. Google has spent the last 18 years shaping the internet into what it is, and we thanked them by making Google Chrome the most popular internet browser in the United States. Google is always focused on moving forward, and it seems like they’re going to be dragging Microsoft along with them. How? The plan involves Chrome removing Gmail from people using Microsoft XP and Vista.

By February 8th, whenever you open Google Chrome, you’ll see a small banner prompting you to update your browser┬áif you haven’t done so recently. The update is to ensure that new security protocols, which can be found in Chrome 55, are installed on all versions of Chrome. After you update your Chrome, if you need to, the little banner will vanish. Unless, of course, your computer is running Windows XP or Vista.

Why is Chrome Removing Gmail from XP and Vista?

If you’re still running XP or Vista, then you’re in for a bit of a nasty shock. While the current Google Chrome update is numbered at 55, this doesn’t include any system still running on Vista or XP. Chrome updates for the twoChrome Removing Gmail platforms halted at 49. Before you get too upset, though, know that Google has sound reasoning for their decision.

Before you get too upset, though, know that Google has sound reasoning for no longer making Chrome updates for older models for Windows. Since Microsoft no longer supports older versions, like XP and Vista, Google found it pointless to continue to create updates for them.

What will Happen to my Gmail?

Nothing is going to happen to your Gmail if you’re still running Windows Vista or XP. At least, not yet. Yes, Google plans on Chrome removing Gmail from Vista and XP users, but it isn’t going to be an overnight process. While everyone is encouraged to update their versions of Chrome on February 8th, Google isn’t planning on kicking you out of your email with no warning.

Until December of 2017, people still running Vista and XP will still be able to access the full potential of their Gmail account. However, after December, the version of Gmail will be bounced back to the simplest HTML version there is. Google is also warning that the security of your emails will lessen considerably as well during this time.

How can I Avoid this?

In all honesty, there is no real way to avoid this if you’re running XP or Vista and want to keep using Gmail, and keep Chrome as your browser. Using the HTML version is always an option, but you have to remember that the security won’t be up to Google’s regular standards. Google’s advice, though, on the situation is simple: it’s time to upgrade and do away with Vista and XP.