Google Algorithm Removes Holocaust Denial Sites

Google Algorithm Removes Holocaust Denial Sites

Changes to the Google Algorithm

Before this past weekend, if you Googled ‘Did the Holocaust happen?’ various Holocaust denial sites would rank on the front page. One of those sites was a Stormfront article stating 10 ‘reasons’ why the Holocaust never happened. For those who are unaware, Stormfront is a neo-Nazi, white supremacist group who have been known to post racial propaganda. After a change of heart, the Google algorithm has been changed to exclude any, and all, websites that claim the Holocaust never happened.

Google’s Abrupt About Face

Google’s sudden change in their algorithm has surprised more than a few people. Before, in a comment to Fortune Google LogoMagazine, the massive company insisted that it does “not remove content from search results, except in very limited cases such as illegal content, malware, and violations of our webmaster guidelines.”

It seems that Google is dead set on squashing any false information that passes through its search engine.

Of course, the google algorithm has been altered before. The Internet phenom has removed ‘Are Jews Evil’, ‘Are Muslims evil’,  and ‘Are Women evil’ from their autocomplete feature. Of course, this didn’t happen until a report from The Guardian highlighting the error. Unfortunately, Stormfront’s website still manages to pop up in the search results, despite being removed from autocomplete function, most often on the front page.

Google promises to continue working on the problem of false information. The Google algorithm will most likely recieve more changes, though no one is sure if that means that more websites with misleading information will be removed from search results completely.