Free Webinar: Build an Email List That Builds Your Business – Copyblogger

Free Webinar: Build an Email List That Builds Your Business – Copyblogger

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The goal was to convince you that email remains the most powerful way to build a connection with an audience that drives mutually beneficial action, and why technology usage trends suggest this power will endure.


You already know that you can’t truly do effective digital without building a responsive email list. It’s still the ultimate online sales channel.


Jerod Morris is VP of Rainmaker.FM, the digital marketing podcast network produced by Copyblogger Media. He hosts The Lede and The Showrunner, and recently launched The Showrunner Podcasting Course.


It was replete with impressive data points and links to research reports. After all, when email converts to sales 40 times (not percent, times) higher than social media, you need the facts.



Every has their area of expertise, but there are a few things that every SEO has to know. I’ve created the shortlist of these essentials. They are broad but nevertheless are absolutely important within the vast realm of SEO.


In order for the “right users” to get the “most relevant” content, you must create and deliver an experience that satisfies those implicit requirements. Most UX professionals are focused on the user interface, identifying visual elements, layout, information architecture, sizing, typeface, and other elements that the user sees.

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Some people used to think that there was a conflict between SEO and UX. Sujan Patel plainly put this to rest in his SEJ article, “The Intersection of SEO and User Experience.” In his article, he pointed out some of the areas where SEO and optimal UX connect:


If you’re new to the SEO field, fear not. Everyone of us has to start somewhere, and there’s no other place to start than at the very beginning — the bare bones, basic essentials.


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So what can you do as a web writer to not only catch their attention, but also give them what they want in less time than it takes to finish reading this sentence?


These are great reminders for us all from very successful entreprenuers across the web! Digital Marketing is awesome when you have knowledge from guys like these! Searching for SEO For Small Business Houston area friends?

What is your current search engine ranking strategy? Do you have one in place? What are the deciding factors that help you justify return on investments within your current marketing spend?

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