Content Marketing Tips You Might Not Be Using Yet | SEJ

Content Marketing Tips You Might Not Be Using Yet | SEJ

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In fact, it wasn’t until Demian went back to college in his late twenties that he learned how to write. His last year in school, he even won an essay contest.


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He was responding to a tweet Rough Draft host Demian Farnworth shared with a link to his first Copyblogger post: “The Disgustingly Simple Rule for Web Writing That’s Often Hard to Swallow.”



You likely get a hefty stream of questions, comments, and inquiries about your business every day and, chances are, some of them keep popping up again and again. When you find yourself answering the same question from clients or buyers time after time, consider turning it into a blog post for your company’s site. In addition to acting as a one-stop-shop FAQ, this also makes your company more relatable, provides the consumer with valuable information and shows them you are thinking about their needs and concerns.


Repeated studies have shown blogs with videos are more likely to get additional hits and shares than those without videos. That said, consider taking all of the promotional or educational videos your company has made over time and integrating them into blog posts.


In addition to providing customers with additional ways to consume your content, videos are also highly linkable, which means there’s a good chance your website will reach more people than just your existing customers.

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What does your company do better than any other company out there? What can you teach people? Is there a chance you could take that expertise and excitement and turn it into a video?


Content marketing is an integral part of any business plan. But what do you do when you’re just starting out—or perhaps encountering some areas you’re not feeling like a “guru” in?